Spiritual Creativity

Posted: December 12, 2010 in coursework

So what is “Spiritual Creativity”?

Empty your mind and allow inspiration to come to you. It may lead you in a different path than if you just begin a project without thinking about it first.

Become inspired by one of Oprah Winfrey’s daily inspirations. Ruth Ross said, “There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes. It’s what we do with them that’s important.”

There are only 3 basic colors, out of which you can create a whole spectrum of different shades and hues. With them you can decide what mood you want a room to have, then just by painting the walls you have set the tone. By painting a picture with a subdued color range you reflect a quiet feeling, and you started with only 3 colors.

Numbers are 0 to 9. You can add, subtract, divide, or combine them. You can use them to number your thoughts, balance your checkbook, or add up your grocery bill. The options are infinite.

Musical notes are amazing. From just 7 notes (C,D,E,F,G,A,and B) you can play Beethoven or Billy Joel, John Denver or Dizzy Galespie. You can play in a minor key and make it moody or pensive, or choose a major key and brighten a room full of people.

You choose. You can choose to sit on the couch and watch television or glue some tiles on a board and make a mosaic coffee table.

Choose to go outside and take a box of weeds and turn it into an overflowing aromatic flower box, or, stay inside and turn your dark depressing basement into a bright and sunny get away spot. You can sit down with your favorite instrument and take your mood from sad to happy, or gloomy to thoughtful.

When you aren’t sure how to use these few gifts of colors, digits, and notes, a little quiet meditation can inspire that spiritual creativity you are looking for.




Your spiritual nature allows you to create your life in a variety of methods. Today we are going to look at a creative process called Have-Do-Be from the spiritual perspective of unity and love. This perspective on life says that we are not separate entities unto ourselves but that we are one with God and created in the image and likeness of God.

When you look at life from this vantage point you understand that you are not just your body, but that you are a three part being made up of mind, body and spirit. The body works in conjunction with the mind and the soul in the creative process.

The soul conceives (thought), the mind creates (word) and the body experiences (deed). So, the body is assigned the doingness activities, and “doingness” is a function of the body.

However, the paradigm of life that is based on the concept of separation says that what we do, in and of itself, is enough for us to know about the life process. We do things to get things. These things allow us to feel good about ourselves. We are conditioned to believe that we are not responsible for the way we feel. Our reactive activities (what we do) in response to events and circumstances are the cause for how we feel. This causes us to feel that we are limited in our choices.

Our best system of reaction is to access our memory to see what we did in response to a similar past experience. We modify that to fit the present stimuli and take a course of action that is in alignment with it. Then we do this and we do that. We do do.

The paradigm of love and unity takes a different approach because we don’t depend entirely on the body’s reactions to events. In this theory of life we are in balance with the soul, the mind and the body. Each is equally important and each has a function to serve in the process.

What we find in the paradigm of oneness is that not only is “doingness a function of the body”, but that “beingness is a function of the soul.” Instead of thinking only of the body, as we do within the paradigm of separation, we are also concerned with the soul (the conceiver) and the mind, (the creator).

The paradigm of love and unity tells us that we are not here to discover or react to events, but are here to create ourselves anew as we desire ourselves to “be.” It tells us that the purpose of our lives is whatever we create it to “be.” What we wish it to “be” is entirely up to us. And it is in this “beingness” that we get to experience (do) the events and circumstances we create.

In this paradigm we see that “beingness creates doingness,” not the other way around. That is, what we do is a function of what we are being. We need to put our emphasis on what we are being, not on what we are doing. Once we establish what part of our beingness we wish to experience, then the universe will show us how to do that.

We shift the creative paradigm from “Have-Do-Be” to “Be-Do-Have.” This is why we consider ourselves to be “human beings,” not “human doings.”

When you live unconsciously, as most of us do in the paradigm of separation and fear, you are unaware that this Be-Do-Have process is ongoing. When you are being hungry you eat (do) in order to have nourishment. When you are being tired, you go to sleep (do) to have a rested body.

Much of what we do seems to be an automatic response to what we are being at the time and we leave it up to the mind (creator) to cause this to happen. We continually change and with this comes a change in what we are being.

The more consciously we live the more we can focus on what we are being. The mind receives our state of beingness and signals the body to respond to this by some form of doingness. This is attained by an automatic doingness to reflect a state of beingness, or by a willful doingness to reflect a state of beingness that is to be attained. Either way, the paradigm is “beingness creates doingness.”

This is another chance for us to use the paradigm of love and oneness to create who we are and determine who we wish to be. The key is to go inside and establish the highest thought about your Self. Then imagine the person you would “be” if you lived that thought every day.

If that person is kind, then “be” kindness. If that person is wise, then “be” wisdom. If that person is a healer, then “be” healing. It is entirely up to you. Seek to determine who you wish to “be” and then think those thoughts every day.

Persevere and be persistent in your thinking and the “beingness creates doingness” function will start showing up and you will find yourself “doing” things that are in alignment with what you are “being.” Sometimes this is subtle stuff but one day you will wake up and realize that you are acting differently. You will draw people and circumstances to you that align with your “beingness.” Actually you do that now, but if you are living unconsciously you are not aware of it.

It’s the creative process at work and it works in strange and wondrous ways, its miracles to perform. Don’t get sucked into thinking that what you do is exactly what you think you should be doing if you are in alignment with your beingness.

Don’t put limits on the process of life. Allow the universe to provide the right and perfect people, places and things to show up in your life. Don’t judge them. Accept them and bless them as part of your creation, because indeed, that is what they are.


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