Amazon’s SCAMPER

Posted: December 12, 2010 in coursework

One of the most popular creativity methods in my Ideas Workshop is SCAMPER.  It is a productive and versatile technique for generating innovative ideas for your product or service.  It forces you to look at your offering from seven different perspectives.  SCAMPER is an acronym and you ask the following types of question when you use this tool.

And this is the Amazon SCAMPER according to my thought :

  • Substitute: ordinary book store with online shop
  • Combine: internet and business
  • Adapt: major globalization in internet world, with conventional business
  • Maximize or minimize: maximize the marketing strategy by selling worldwide
  • Put to other use: make internet facilities to become business tools
  • Eliminate: barrier about selling face to face
  • Rearrange or reverse: rearrange the book selection process

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