meaning of name achmad reyhan

Posted: October 10, 2010 in coursework

the meaning word of achmad reyhan.

achmad can be interpret  as life in livelihood peaceful condition which is influenced by surrounding family and friends, free to live and in the exact time try to get the happiness that can be build in a conclusion as a perfect situation

reyhan can be interpret  as Firmness that also build my leadership skills, at he mean time the effectiveness about the relation leadership and firmness will also create a wisdom to the people all around. this effect have a direct impact about my influence and power to the society, with all my greatest influence i can gain even more power to become more prosper for my self and other.

achmad is my family name, all the sons from my great grand father use achmad in order to carry out our family heritage.

and reyhan, in islam world can be mean as a heaven scent. so i can be a rise top among others.


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